Ezekiel 28:13...The workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day thou was created.

The bible talks of songs and music all through it. Christians and scholars believe the above scripture speaks of Satan [ Lucifer] being the worship leader in heaven. Songs were around before man and will continue to be around. As a musician myself , I have done some study on the origin of music myself throughout the years. Songs are vehicles that carry moods. They have great power not only to carry moods  , but influence decisions people make.  Advertising agencies and stores use them to sell products and people use them in a number of ways including romantic purposes
In order to be effective , songs must have that element in them. The drawing power to make it attractive. I believe it's a type of anointing of God or Satan , used for a certain purpose. You could say.. a song will be a hit according to the measure of element in it. I would even go so far as to say songs were created for certain individuals before they were born , to be used in the scheme of things in that time era.   Remember Queen Ester was born ...for such a time as this. So it is with all individuals like Elvis and so on. Songs born of God will never die , as secular songs will run their course and phase out.
I believe that
songs are also seasonal . Can you imagine what some joker in the Big Band Era of the 30 s would be like busting on the scene with rap music ? Folks were not conditioned for it , so it would be unacceptable.  One of the traps the Church world fell into the last few decades was to incorporate the sacred with the secular . They are beginning to bear no image of what Music was originally intended for. What you get is an  Ismael. The seed of God put into the womb of the world resulting in the likes of  the middle east problems.
      God bless you on your journey !

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