Friday, December 6, 2013

Love" Give's The Answer

#It  is always interesting for me to read about Solomon.  Only God could give such wisdom to a man like that.  The crown of wisdom that established him as a wise king , was his Judgment concerning the  two harlots.  They both "claimed"  to be the mother of one child. The one rolled over on her child in her sleep , and it died. She then slipped her dead child in the bed with the other woman , and claimed her child as hers. Then , the two women came to Solomon to solve the puzzle before the people.  He called for a sword to split the baby in half and give each a half of the child. The one woman agreed to that and the real mother cries out , do not kill the child , but give it to the other woman , so it wouldnt be killed. Solomon then discerns the real mother by her love and willingness to sacrifice  the loss of her child , so that it could live .  All that and without a" DNA"  test.  Anytime we run up against hard decisions , we need to put the love test to it.  Love will always win out .  May your path be guided by Love.

God bless you on your journey !

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