Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Open Series Part 2

Numbers 22:28... and the Lord opened the mouth of the ass , and she said unto Ba-laam .....

Now Ba-laam was a prophet in Israel that a Moabite King called upon to curse Israel.
Ba-laam was heading out to meet with him and God sent an Angel to stand with a sword in front of the donkey , to prevent Ba-laam. Ba-laam  did not see the angel and began beating her , to get her to move.  God opened the donkeys  mouth and she [Donkey] asked ba-laam:  Why are you beating me ? As we read the story we find the donkey actually saved the foolish prophets life.
I remember as kids my Grandfather lived on a little farm and always had a Pony and Donkey.  My older brother and I would spend our summers putting up hay and riding the animals.  I was always stuck the Donkey.  When I would get her into a good gallop she would stubbornly stop quick ,  and I would go flying through the air.  I would get so mad I would switch her.  Well, we humans can get about as stubborn , and sometimes worse at times. There's nothing worse than a person rebelling against the God , when he wants to use them to talk to someone , sing a song ,  preach a message  or even use them to help someone , and they just will not listen. The next time God deals with us to open our mouth  , let us we obey him , so he will not have to use uncouth means to get it done.

God bless you on your journey!

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