Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Great Out Pouring : Part 3

Joel 2:28......I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh......

As I was scoping out my surroundings , I saw an old snake skin laying on the bedroom floor. How long had that been laying there I wondered ? As I went about the place a mouse had scurryied across the floor. What else was in here that I would be living with ? Shouldn't of asked because I spotted some granddaddy long leg spiders heading up the wall. The only thing that would scare me out of there would be roaches , and I didn't see any of them thank God.  If Jesus went out in the wilderness to fast and pray, surley I could put up with a few things. I began to settle down as it were and began reading the word. I would read awhile, pray awhile, and worship the Lord.  First day nothing happened. The following day I repeated the same thing. I could discern my flesh was getting agitated and wanting to rebel. I kept it up. The next day I proceeded doing the same thing. I would pace the floor worshipping God and praying. I went in the bedroom and sensed Gods presence. I discerned he wanted me to lay there on the cot. I thought he was going to give me a vision or something , but nothing came.  I started to get up about 2 hours later and it felt like someone was holding me down. I layed there and worshipped some more. Finally a couple more hours went by and I felt released to get up. I asked the Lord why he had me lay there. The answer came back. Just for obedience. The next day I was worshipping the Lord and he showed me in my spirit what the church looked like. I had never been there before as it was in another State. He showed me it would be full and many lives would be touched for his glory.

To Be Continued..........

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