Monday, November 25, 2013

Working With Patience

My travels get interrupted frequently with break downs. Brand New trucks from the factory.
"Yes break downs" . It seems the computers in these new trucks are dictating when they want to give you a hard time. I am spending a lot of time in truck garages now a days. No matter, when these interruptions come we can make use of our time in some way . Read the word , answer some email  [ If we have a lap top or smart phone]  Or even pray .  I find when that angry spirit wants to rise up in me, the best thing to do is just submit to the circumstances when it's not in your power to change them, if it doesn't violate God's way's, and let God do his perfect work in you. There is always a reason for every thing. When you submit , a calmness settles on you and you will find something there that Your heavenly Father is working out in you.
God bless you on your journey !

James 1:2,3     P.S. Hurry up Ken worth garage and call me. I am tired of waiting !lol

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