Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Reality Of Gospel Music

Amos5:23 Take thou
away from me the noise of thy songs; For I will not hear the melody of thy viols.

I wanted to share some insight from my little bit of experience of the last 35 years in gospel music. If I was to get totally honest concerning any kind of music , if it does not glorify God it is simply noise in his ears. In the scripture heading above, it is speaking of Gods people , offering up worship songs to him and living their lives in a corrupt manner. He called it making noise. If that would be the case where would music measure up that didn't glorify his name. Music is really a very serious issue and all will answer for how they used it at the end of the day. Music has the innate ability to carry spiritual anointing whether it be good or evil.
Anyone that's been exposed to the anointing , knows exactly what I mean. It is the anointing in music that can bring healing of emotions as well as other spiritual benefits to the hearer as well as the musician and please our Lord in the process. Today such as it is, is being widely misunderstood and the younger generation as a whole, is not being showed an example of what it really should be .
How can thousands of professing Christians go to so called Christian rock concerts and even promoting their children to do so, and expect them to come back full of the Holy Spirit , much less get truly born again ? Its the fruits Ladies and Gentlemen. What kind of fruits are they bearing ? When I was young and learning to play piano, the pastors thought my music was to wild for the church, now they think its not wild enough. The ultimate question is , does our music truly draw folks to the Lord and at the same time glorify God ? I submit to you that our young generation is starving for the anointing of the Holy Spirit in their music and we musicians and song leaders need to get a fresh touch from heaven and get back to our first love [ Jesus Christ ] and let him be the head of our music that we call Gospel or Christian.
God bless you as you seek him !

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