Monday, April 8, 2013

The Conclusion Of Life

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter : Fear God , and keep his commandments , For this is the whole duty of man.
Jesus came along and took this scripture to its ultimate level. He basically said love God and your neighbor as yourself. When we as the human race , get done with all our judging one another, get rich schemes, drug scenes , gambling, sexual escapades and a million other things , at the end of the day verse 14 of this chapter will go into play. [ Ecc.12:14 ] For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing , whether it be good or whether it be evil. When a nation loses the
fear of God they have in essence , lost everything. There is no longer any restraining power left in their lives to guide them. I don't really believe in athiest , because in the book of Romans it says we all will be without excuse . If the claiming athiest truly believed in their doctrine they wouldn;t fight so hard to disprove God. Wisdom is justified of her own. When you know who you are [ so to speak ]
you really do not have anything to prove. I am not a believer so as to show someone I am. I am a believer because God showed me who he was. When that happens one automatically becomes a believer or I would think that one would. When theres nothing to prove , it takes the fight and rebellion out of it. Whether we choose to fear God or not , it's not going to change what will ultimatley happen in verse 14. This old world is headed for self destruction and our only comfort is our faith in the word of God and what he says is going to happen. Our saftey lies in fearing God and keeping his commandments. Love him and our fellow man .
God bless you on your journey !

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