Tuesday, November 14, 2017

King David : What Happens In A Cave ? Part 4

1 Samuel 22:1  David therefore departed thence , and escaped to the cave Adullam.....

Along the road to the process of arriving at the palace , there was another stop off needful to make David ready to be King. God would interweave into the fabric of Davids leadership qualities , the characteristics he would learn from the cave experience. It was a long way from being a palace , but needful for the things it would take to finish molding his attributes. When Davids brethren and all his Fathers house heard it they went down to him. This is beautiful . The bible says everyone that was in distress, in debt, and discontented [ unsatisfied ] gathered themselves to him. These were the ones who recognized God's calling on his life and looking for leadership. He took this motley crew and made a mighty army out of them. This is the way God works most of the time in our own lives. He takes a person with a calling and a handful of folks with problems, and touches the world with them.
With God all things are possible ! Mebbie you feel like your living in a cave just now. You know God has called you to be a part of something great and just see no way of it coming to pass. The cave is just a temporary stop for you on your way to the palace.

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