Wednesday, April 3, 2013

King David: The Man After God's Heart Part 1

1 Samuel 13:14....the Lord hath sought him a man after his own heart.....

The story of David is one of the most beloved ,controversial , and even complex stories in the word of God.  Books could be and many are written about him, so I am not trying to improve him, [just saying. ] Perhaps we can take some things to encourage our faith in the next few blogs about this incredible person called a man after Gods own heart.  If we
used the term after our own heart it would usually mean: We like the same things. I believe it certainly meant that in Davids case , but it goes far deeper than that. Folks can like the same things and get along fine , but the moment a disagreement comes up , many times they part company. In Davids case it meant that he was just flat out in Love with his Lord. I think I can relate to him in a small way as mebbie you can. I remember several occasions when some folks have asked me to change the subject during the course of a conversation respecting the word. They went on to say : all
you talk about is the God . Frankly , I am not overly intrested in the mundane things that come to nothing. Yes, we live in this world and talk about worldly things but when you get turned on to the things of God , you can't help but talk about it. I imagine if we lived in Davids time and hung around him , he would constantly be interjecting the things of the Lord in his conversations. Man, when its in you , its in you . As we continue our subject on David in the next few blogs , please share these links if you know someone who might be intrested. Also you can look in the archives for past writings.
To Be Continued.............
God bless you on your journey!


  1. Bobby very interesting and good I like to share it is it ok