Monday, April 1, 2013

King David : "Giant" Your Coming Down part 2

1 Samuel 17:10.....and the Philistine said, I defy the armies of Israel this day: give me a man , that we may fight together.

One cannot get away from Davids story without running into the giant. The ememy of our soul is always mouthing and wanting to fight and stir trouble up . The giant had been mouthing off for 40 days. It seems to me if  he was so confident in his abilities , he would of just fought and took Israel down. This is nothing more than childs play. I remember growing up in school, the kids were always
mouthing off threats until you called them down. I am sure that the Philistines had heard many times of Israel's mighty deliverence from the red sea and could not be certain of victory. The ememy of our soul is never certain of our victory in the same way.We are always victorious in Christ when we operate in faith , so he [ our ememy] has to constantly mouth off what he's going to do. If he was so confident , he would go ahead and make his threats good. We as beleivers must build up our faith daily so as not to give the ememy occasion. The race is not always to the swift . Its not the slingshot in your hands : but who's behind it that gives the victory. Remember , that every battle you face is merely a childish threat in the eyes of your Lord. Go forth in Faith and victory as David did and watch the giant come down in your life.   To be Continued..........

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