Monday, April 8, 2013

The Conclusion Of Life

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter : Fear God , and keep his commandments , For this is the whole duty of man.
Jesus came along and took this scripture to its ultimate level. He basically said love God and your neighbor as yourself. When we as the human race , get done with all our judging one another, get rich schemes, drug scenes , gambling, sexual escapades and a million other things , at the end of the day verse 14 of this chapter will go into play. [ Ecc.12:14 ] For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing , whether it be good or whether it be evil. When a nation loses the
fear of God they have in essence , lost everything. There is no longer any restraining power left in their lives to guide them. I don't really believe in athiest , because in the book of Romans it says we all will be without excuse . If the claiming athiest truly believed in their doctrine they wouldn;t fight so hard to disprove God. Wisdom is justified of her own. When you know who you are [ so to speak ]
you really do not have anything to prove. I am not a believer so as to show someone I am. I am a believer because God showed me who he was. When that happens one automatically becomes a believer or I would think that one would. When theres nothing to prove , it takes the fight and rebellion out of it. Whether we choose to fear God or not , it's not going to change what will ultimatley happen in verse 14. This old world is headed for self destruction and our only comfort is our faith in the word of God and what he says is going to happen. Our saftey lies in fearing God and keeping his commandments. Love him and our fellow man .
God bless you on your journey !

Sunday, April 7, 2013

King David : How Are The Mighty Fallen ? Part 2

2 Samuel 1:23  Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasent in their lives , and in their death they were not divided :

I was reading this verse and reflecting on Davids statement. For David to truly honor , respect , and love such a person as King Saul took an incredible loving heart. Of all people on this planet that David should have hated , it would be this man Saul , and yet these lovely words were spoken.
 There are probably thousands of young people including adults that have been put in this position.
 [ In principle ] with parents or a parent that have put them through a living hell on earth , and yet held fast to their love for them. I know of some including myself. The bible states in Malachi 4:6 that
God shall turn the hearts of the Fathers back to the children ! I boldly believe that its going to happen and I am going to be a part of it as well as you. I am so proud of these precious dear ones living in or have lived in these conditions and are keeping their faith. The very ones , that give them reason to hate them , are not stopping them from loving them. Perhaps some of you reading this have experienced it. It may be hard to grasp now , but  but your time is coming. Our heavenly Father is going to pour out his Spirit and save your household. Your going to have blessings poured on you that eye hath not seen nor ear heard. The joy of the Lord shall fill your house and those you love.
King Saul was very yeilding to evil spirits and caused David great heartache , but David loved him to his death.  Keep the faith!
 God bless you on your journey !

Thursday, April 4, 2013

King David "No Where To Go" Part 3

1 Samuel 21:10 ....and David arose and fled that day for fear of Saul, and went to Achish, the King of Gath.

Ever feel like you just simply didn't have anywhere to go in time of trouble.? Up to this point  David had defeated the Giant [ Israel's ememy ] and caused a great spirit of jealousy to come upon Israel's King. In a time when Saul should have been a Father inlaw and befriended David , he chose to become his enemy. Jealousy  always does that to those it hates. David could have just of easily took Saul down , but chose to honor him and just flee the situation. David went over to the enemies side because the king of Gath liked him. The servants recognized him as the one who took down their
hero , the giant, and David barley escaped with his life. The church didn't want him and now the world didn't even want him. Sometimes we may find ourselves in that very situation. When God places a call on your life, it can put you into some very uncomfortable positions. Not to worry though , it was all in Gods plan for him as well as God has a plan for those he called in his great plan of life.
 David was about to become a cave dweller ,  before he would become a King.
To Be Continued........

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

King David: The Man After God's Heart Part 1

1 Samuel 13:14....the Lord hath sought him a man after his own heart.....

The story of David is one of the most beloved ,controversial , and even complex stories in the word of God.  Books could be and many are written about him, so I am not trying to improve him, [just saying. ] Perhaps we can take some things to encourage our faith in the next few blogs about this incredible person called a man after Gods own heart.  If we
used the term after our own heart it would usually mean: We like the same things. I believe it certainly meant that in Davids case , but it goes far deeper than that. Folks can like the same things and get along fine , but the moment a disagreement comes up , many times they part company. In Davids case it meant that he was just flat out in Love with his Lord. I think I can relate to him in a small way as mebbie you can. I remember several occasions when some folks have asked me to change the subject during the course of a conversation respecting the word. They went on to say : all
you talk about is the God . Frankly , I am not overly intrested in the mundane things that come to nothing. Yes, we live in this world and talk about worldly things but when you get turned on to the things of God , you can't help but talk about it. I imagine if we lived in Davids time and hung around him , he would constantly be interjecting the things of the Lord in his conversations. Man, when its in you , its in you . As we continue our subject on David in the next few blogs , please share these links if you know someone who might be intrested. Also you can look in the archives for past writings.
To Be Continued.............
God bless you on your journey!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Proverbs The Wisdom Of God Series 7

Proverbs 25:28 He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls. [ KJV]

To live in such a state as this scripture is saying, is to live a life completely open for every attack life brings our way, further more resulting in a helpless state. In the bible cities were fortified by a wall for protection . Once the wall was destroyed the city is open to any enemy to help themselves
, and once the city is destroyed theres nothing left. All this because of no self control. The indication here is also speaking of a hot temper. More marriages, jobs, careers and friends have been destroyed by this force perhaps more than any other. A hot tempered person cannot be reasoned with until they get it under control and by then the damage is done. Whats the answer ? We must make self discipline a priority daily in order to even live a half decent life. Just because we profess to be a christian does'nt
make it any easier . Having no rule over our own spirit is more than  just taking drugs, alcohol or other substances. Just look at things such as facebook , texting and such. The list is endless.We must yield our tempers and spirits to God and watch how much smoother life can be.
May God bless you on your journey!