Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Proverbs: The "Wisdom Of God Series " Part 2

Proverbs 22:18 .... For it is a pleasant thing if thou keep them within thee; for they shall withal, be fitted in thy lips .

What a great thing to meditate on Gods Word!   I remember  Proverbs 22:18
opening up in my life.  Remember the karate kid movie ?  The Asians knew of this principle for many years.  No , It never just happened in the movie.  The" idea" of it in the movie , was for the "teacher" to give the student some work to do, thus getting work done , but at the same time , teaching him karate. The kid got furious and thought teacher wasn't teaching him.  When the "teacher applied pressure and attacked him , the student discovered , he had learned the karate moves , and felt some what shamed.  Gods word works that way. When pressure is applied in our lives , and the word is fitted in our lips, we find that all the study and meditation , even though it seemed boring" comes to life and nothing was wasted ! That has happened numerous times in my life , as it probably has yours.  Keep up your word study and "they"  the words of life", shall be fitted in your lips for such a time as this.
God Bless you in your studies!


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