Sunday, January 27, 2013

If We Ever Need Revival

Hab:3:2.......O Lord, Revive your work in the midst of the years....

A few years ago, I wrote and recorded a song titled [ If we ever need revival"We sure do need it today ]  I grew up in the 60,s and have memories of our mother taking us kids to tent revivals and church revivals as well. The power of the Holy Spirit literally permeated the services and when you
went home, you knew you experienced his presense. It seemed so common to me when I was a youngster, that I assumed it would always be that way .I remember teaching myself to play piano" and the ministers would be scolding me saying, I was playimg rock and roll music and they forbade it. Today They call it old fashioned now", and most churches doesn"t even want it played in their services. Man is constantly changing fads and music styles, but one thing will never change. The anointing of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that before we go completly down as a nation, that God will revive his work in the midst of the years, and our young generation may experience a real outpouring of His Spirit. If we ever need revival, we sure do need it today.
God Bless!!

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