Saturday, September 29, 2012

We Are The World

Psalms 133:1  Oh how good,  how pleasant it is for brother's to live in harmony.

The Song we are the world , still touches me when I hear it.  How very true it is.
People were made for togetherness. The right term would be fellowship. The fact
the social networks are the fastest growing entity in the world is proof !  It doesn't
take the place of being together, but it seems to satisfy most people. However if one admits it, its just not the same. We gather in night clubs, casinos, and even churchs, and go home the same with a certain emptiness. [ not all churches Thank God ] If that's the case then something is missing.  In one simple word it would be God's L.o.v.e.   Our love as humans have conditions, therefore we dont qualify to fit the bill. When God's presence is in a gathering of people  you can't find a more pleasant feeling than that.
You just leave feeling good and look forward to the next gathering. Saying all that, I submit we need a revival of the love of God in our nation , if we are to face our uncertain future. Will you join me daily in your quiet time daily and pray for an outpouring of Gods love in our nation?

Gods richest blessings to you!!!   

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