Saturday, July 28, 2012

The 'Well' Is Deep

John 4:11 The woman sayeth unto him , Sir,  thou hast nothing to draw with , and the well is deep...

We as the human race, can go through many different kinds of thirst, if you will , on our earthly journey. Theres thirst for water , and thirst so to speak for success, and other such things. In the bible a woman came to draw water at a well, and found a well sitting on top of a well. Jesus knew the human race, and the dissatifaction that lies deep in the heart of mankind. As the meeting continued between Jesus and the woman at the well, he began confronting issues in her life that only she knew about, and she perceived that this was no ordinary man.
There is a place in God so intimate, and personal, that you cannot explain it. It must be experienced!  Most folks do not and will , not enter into it for various reasons; simply because it comes through a very difficult thing to do in our time or age as it were. It comes through a denial of ones self , and that can be as kaleidoscopical , as the many ways that each individual is a wonder in themselves. The positive side of denying ones self, is that we find, that the rewards of the intimate fellowship we discover, when we get in that realm of fellowship with our Lord is: It is a place we don't want to go, but , when we get there, we don't want to leave. Yes; the well is deep, but , it;s worth the cost , to not have to keep going to the well of the world, to get our thirst satisfied.
 God bless!!!

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