Sunday, July 22, 2012

Musicians and Donations

I would like to address the subject of giving for a moment.
As that old saying goes, The musician is about the only profession where you load  $1000.00 worth of equipment into a $500.00 car and drive 100 miles for $50.00. I might add for Gospel singers it's even worse. I am a gospel singer and pianist and travel many miles and hold a job driving truck to support my family and the gospel music . We go into nursing homes many times as they don't get the privilege of getting out to concerts etc. After all, we all could end up there someday ourselves. The church world on a little scale many times are lucky to pay their own bills much less pay an outsider for music resulting in the bands or musicians getting little or nothing. My band also does concerts for the Firemen Festivals to help them raise funds for their services and we charge nothing. So whether you give to Bands like myself or others remember it's helping the musician. When you see a donate button don't be afraid to use it.  Thank you and God bless !

God bless you as you seek him !

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