Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Part 1 Your Gift Will Make A Way

Proverbs 18:16  A mans gift makes room for him, and will bring him before great men.

This is a subject that's always intrigued me. There is always plenty to write about on this. I will keep this in a couple of segment's as our attention span seems to drift away from us quickly.
There are basically two classes of people in the world today. One's we call "believers" and the other non believer's.  By that I am alluding  to Christians and non Christians. The believers are always dealt with in a different way , as we believe the "Holy Spirit" dictates the way we should live.  I wouldn't have much authority in the other world , because I don't know much about it.  The subject , your gift makes room for you , can be taken in two ways. The one is Gifts as in money , bribes etc. The other would refer to talents. The talents is what our subject is. I believe every person who "lives" and ever "lived" , has been given Gifts of some type. Some have been given more than others according to Gods plan as such , for each individual life.                                                I have talked with folks who say they've never been given any, but that simply is not true. They may have not discovered it yet, but they have been given at least one or more. Our gifts are always tied to "God's" purpose for us in some kind of way. It is our responsibility to discover them , whatever they may be.  For some, it has taken years to discover and some , it just comes naturally.  This is all tied to our interest in discovering them. A sad thing is to "live and die" and never discover what our gifts and talents are, or where we should use them.  There is a girl named Joni which most folks heard of, who discovered her talents through a swimming accident. She took a nightmare situation and turned it into a world wide ministry, through Gods guiding hand.  Most of us are not called to world wide ministry, but we are called to do something , no matter how insignificant we think it is.                                    The very first initial step in discovering our talents, is to seek Gods plan for us.  I remember in my own life how hard I sought for it. To some extent I still am. It is a "growing stage" and part of our maturing in the things of God. The bible is full of examples and "Joseph" is a key example of this.  "Genesis 37-45" There are also "snare's and trap's" that come with your gifts and talents, such as , will you abuse them, or will someone else try to take advantage of them ? Yes to both of them questions, as it was stated earlier, it is also a learning and developing process.
To Be Continued..............


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