Saturday, July 21, 2012

Conclusion 15 minutes Of Fame Part 3

As I arrived at the capitol music hall , the air was filled with excitement.There were 15 contestants that made it to the finalists counting myself. We each had our two songs prepared and all was hoping for 1st place. The stage manager ushered us down to the dressing rooms where we would each dress for the big moment.There was a big room outside the dressing rooms where we later met and wished each other well. I got to witness to some degree to them but was on a limited schedule. The big moment finally came. We were each given numbers and when our number was called we were to go on stage. When they announced my name: And now all the way from New Philadelphia, Ohio " Bobby Smith ! Lets give him a big Jamboree USA welcome..... I thought about quickly running out of there. It was to late to turn back. As I made my way over to the piano I was praying to myself all the way. Please God anoint me. I played an instrumental [ meeting in the air ] One that Brother Jimmy Swaggart always played in his crusades. The anointing was so strong and the audience was so into it, I forgot for a moment I was there. I thought we was going to have church. lol  After that I sang and played I want to spend my life mending broken people. Same beautiful anointing. When I got up from the piano the stage manager Lady told me: We have had everything that can walk on a piano and chew a piano , but you were the best I ever heard. I knew it wasnt me. I was not the best, but it was Gods anointing on it. They later was ready to announce the winners. 3 of them. 1st 2cond and 3rd place. I never won..
 Was I disappointed ? A little bit. But I had resolved to give it to God and that settled it. Later someone jokingly told me my dress wasn"t short enough.  The judges were men lol. I still got to be a light in a dark world  for 2500 people and a 50 watt radio station that reached to Canada. To God Be The Glory Forever and Ever..... 1  Corinthians 3:21 Therefore let no man glory in men......

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