Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bieber Fever

Romans 6:19.... Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul....

My thoughts for today is how fleeting and deceitful fame can be. At present , one of the most popular
 singers in the world today is a young man named Justin Bieber discovered on you tube. In my day growing up it was Jackson 5 and Donny Osmond. Fame is , and can be a very deceptive entity. While one has it, they probably think it will last forever, while the few wise have a back up plan for when it wanes. One month its Miley Cyrus , Alicia Keys and next month Justin Bieber and so on. Sports figures realize this more than most, for their careers depend on youth and health more than anything else. In my home town area we had Cy Young. I walked through his home town all the time when I was young. My Grandfather and him used to throw apples at bottles they lined up on a fence to see who could bust them first. My Great uncle played semi pro baseball with him, but chose to be a college professor, while Cy Young chose baseball. He didn't get paid at all what players get today, but he did go down in history as one of the greatest baseball pitchers in the world , having as an honor the Cy young award to present players. As in anything , nothing is guaranteed but one thing. Our death and where to spend eternity. If we place our faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ , we can be guaranteed a home in heaven. If you don't know him  'ask him into your heart 'and you will have something that is not fleeting.

God bless you on your journey !

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