Monday, July 9, 2012

15 Minutes Of Fame Part 2

The following morning would be monday. I had been up late thinking . The first thing I had to do was call them and make arrangements and ask them if they would accept me playing and singing gospel music. I knew it was a country music talent contest. I called and they said yes. We heard you over the internet and thats why we called you in the first place. Wow, that was neat hearing that. They gave me some rules to go by filling me in on some things they required. Each singer and or musician could choose to sing with a cd or use the  Jamboree house band. We were to have two songs of our choosing prepared. I chose to use the house band . They were very professional in what they did and I knew it. If we chose the house band to back us up or play with us we were allowed 7 minutes of rehearsal only with them the night of the contest. No exceptions!
The more we talked by phone the more excited it was becoming. Would God be in this  I wonderd ? I prayed about it . Win or lose I wanted Gods anointing on my singing and playing above all else. If I could be a light to the audience and radio waves it would be worth it. It would be mostly a non christian audience and that made me a little nervous. I knew going into this I would have to play by their rules and do things their way to a certain extent. I really wanted to win but I realized I was out of my atmosphere. I would just have to settle it in my heart to give my best, and leave the results with God.
Finally saturday night came and it was time to go. When I got there I found out what I had suspected. I would be the only one out of the 15 contestants doing gospel music.
To Be Continued...........                                  


Mark 8:38 Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and my words in this adulteress and sinful generation; also shall the son of man be ashamed............

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