Saturday, July 28, 2012

The 'Well' Is Deep

John 4:11 The woman sayeth unto him , Sir,  thou hast nothing to draw with , and the well is deep...

We as the human race, can go through many different kinds of thirst, if you will , on our earthly journey. Theres thirst for water , and thirst so to speak for success, and other such things. In the bible a woman came to draw water at a well, and found a well sitting on top of a well. Jesus knew the human race, and the dissatifaction that lies deep in the heart of mankind. As the meeting continued between Jesus and the woman at the well, he began confronting issues in her life that only she knew about, and she perceived that this was no ordinary man.
There is a place in God so intimate, and personal, that you cannot explain it. It must be experienced!  Most folks do not and will , not enter into it for various reasons; simply because it comes through a very difficult thing to do in our time or age as it were. It comes through a denial of ones self , and that can be as kaleidoscopical , as the many ways that each individual is a wonder in themselves. The positive side of denying ones self, is that we find, that the rewards of the intimate fellowship we discover, when we get in that realm of fellowship with our Lord is: It is a place we don't want to go, but , when we get there, we don't want to leave. Yes; the well is deep, but , it;s worth the cost , to not have to keep going to the well of the world, to get our thirst satisfied.
 God bless!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Click "Like" Addiction

James 1:27...... and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

Just wanted to share a few thoughts on the press like button on social sites. Not to condemn anyone, but a little reminder  that's all. We Christian's would like to think we are doing a  great service in sharing our thoughts , actions , songs , sermons or whatever we are conveying to the public , and surely we are at least to some degree.  Now addressing the addictive side of it , We must watch for the dangers of what we want to convey , turning into competition as it were.  Now if we are serious Christians , we want what we say , to have some impact among the millions of voices on the internet. The addiction to get likes can create such a competitive edge, that we no longer spend quality time in our relationship with God , and He is the one we want to bring Glory to; [ or at least we should want that] I had some pastors tell me , they are not nearly as anointed as they used to be , for getting caught up in the "very thing" we are discussing.  No time spent in prayer or studying the word , and now there's no freshness to their preaching , praying and so on. Its not just pastors , but any individual "professing" to be a Christian"  and wanting to make an impact on their fellow man.  Again , just a friendly reminder to all of us who want to have power in our words to make a difference in our society .  Let us watch out for the press like addiction and spend more quality time with our Lord , so we can have that freshness of his touch. By the way: Like This LOL.

God bless you in your journey!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bieber Fever

Romans 6:19.... Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul....

My thoughts for today is how fleeting and deceitful fame can be. At present , one of the most popular
 singers in the world today is a young man named Justin Bieber discovered on you tube. In my day growing up it was Jackson 5 and Donny Osmond. Fame is , and can be a very deceptive entity. While one has it, they probably think it will last forever, while the few wise have a back up plan for when it wanes. One month its Miley Cyrus , Alicia Keys and next month Justin Bieber and so on. Sports figures realize this more than most, for their careers depend on youth and health more than anything else. In my home town area we had Cy Young. I walked through his home town all the time when I was young. My Grandfather and him used to throw apples at bottles they lined up on a fence to see who could bust them first. My Great uncle played semi pro baseball with him, but chose to be a college professor, while Cy Young chose baseball. He didn't get paid at all what players get today, but he did go down in history as one of the greatest baseball pitchers in the world , having as an honor the Cy young award to present players. As in anything , nothing is guaranteed but one thing. Our death and where to spend eternity. If we place our faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ , we can be guaranteed a home in heaven. If you don't know him  'ask him into your heart 'and you will have something that is not fleeting.

God bless you on your journey !

Part 2 Your Gifts Will Make A Way

Proverbs 18:16 A mans gifts make room for him and bringeth him before great men!

In concluding ,we left off at, will people take advantage of your gifts or will you abuse them? This is the free will choice you were given by God. Lets take abuse for example, some folks get their talents well developed and seize opportunities that probably isn't Gods will for them. Even the world does this. Take Freddie Prince for example. A very talented comedian who starred in Chico and the man, and ended up in suicide and barley got started in his career. Elvis Presley was a prisoner of his own gifts and talents! How many church folks abused their talents and ended up giving religion, as it were, a bad rap? Of course on the good side we see people who balanced out their talents such as Billy Graham, TD Jakes and others. One of the biggest things going on in our contemporary society today is Talent Shows. Their making millions of dollars with sponsors and only a few ever make it.The internet has sites that offer you free exposure and many are the artists that thinks this is it, only to find in the end nothing is free. So, saying all that , whats the answer for a christian ? Simply discovering where your talents lay and get them developed, and seek God where he wants you to use them for your ultimate good and his ultimate Glory.
God bless you on your journey!

Part 1 Your Gift Will Make A Way

Proverbs 18:16  A mans gift makes room for him, and will bring him before great men.

This is a subject that's always intrigued me. There is always plenty to write about on this. I will keep this in a couple of segment's as our attention span seems to drift away from us quickly.
There are basically two classes of people in the world today. One's we call "believers" and the other non believer's.  By that I am alluding  to Christians and non Christians. The believers are always dealt with in a different way , as we believe the "Holy Spirit" dictates the way we should live.  I wouldn't have much authority in the other world , because I don't know much about it.  The subject , your gift makes room for you , can be taken in two ways. The one is Gifts as in money , bribes etc. The other would refer to talents. The talents is what our subject is. I believe every person who "lives" and ever "lived" , has been given Gifts of some type. Some have been given more than others according to Gods plan as such , for each individual life.                                                I have talked with folks who say they've never been given any, but that simply is not true. They may have not discovered it yet, but they have been given at least one or more. Our gifts are always tied to "God's" purpose for us in some kind of way. It is our responsibility to discover them , whatever they may be.  For some, it has taken years to discover and some , it just comes naturally.  This is all tied to our interest in discovering them. A sad thing is to "live and die" and never discover what our gifts and talents are, or where we should use them.  There is a girl named Joni which most folks heard of, who discovered her talents through a swimming accident. She took a nightmare situation and turned it into a world wide ministry, through Gods guiding hand.  Most of us are not called to world wide ministry, but we are called to do something , no matter how insignificant we think it is.                                    The very first initial step in discovering our talents, is to seek Gods plan for us.  I remember in my own life how hard I sought for it. To some extent I still am. It is a "growing stage" and part of our maturing in the things of God. The bible is full of examples and "Joseph" is a key example of this.  "Genesis 37-45" There are also "snare's and trap's" that come with your gifts and talents, such as , will you abuse them, or will someone else try to take advantage of them ? Yes to both of them questions, as it was stated earlier, it is also a learning and developing process.
To Be Continued..............

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Musicians and Donations

I would like to address the subject of giving for a moment.
As that old saying goes, The musician is about the only profession where you load  $1000.00 worth of equipment into a $500.00 car and drive 100 miles for $50.00. I might add for Gospel singers it's even worse. I am a gospel singer and pianist and travel many miles and hold a job driving truck to support my family and the gospel music . We go into nursing homes many times as they don't get the privilege of getting out to concerts etc. After all, we all could end up there someday ourselves. The church world on a little scale many times are lucky to pay their own bills much less pay an outsider for music resulting in the bands or musicians getting little or nothing. My band also does concerts for the Firemen Festivals to help them raise funds for their services and we charge nothing. So whether you give to Bands like myself or others remember it's helping the musician. When you see a donate button don't be afraid to use it.  Thank you and God bless !

God bless you as you seek him !

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Conclusion 15 minutes Of Fame Part 3

As I arrived at the capitol music hall , the air was filled with excitement.There were 15 contestants that made it to the finalists counting myself. We each had our two songs prepared and all was hoping for 1st place. The stage manager ushered us down to the dressing rooms where we would each dress for the big moment.There was a big room outside the dressing rooms where we later met and wished each other well. I got to witness to some degree to them but was on a limited schedule. The big moment finally came. We were each given numbers and when our number was called we were to go on stage. When they announced my name: And now all the way from New Philadelphia, Ohio " Bobby Smith ! Lets give him a big Jamboree USA welcome..... I thought about quickly running out of there. It was to late to turn back. As I made my way over to the piano I was praying to myself all the way. Please God anoint me. I played an instrumental [ meeting in the air ] One that Brother Jimmy Swaggart always played in his crusades. The anointing was so strong and the audience was so into it, I forgot for a moment I was there. I thought we was going to have church. lol  After that I sang and played I want to spend my life mending broken people. Same beautiful anointing. When I got up from the piano the stage manager Lady told me: We have had everything that can walk on a piano and chew a piano , but you were the best I ever heard. I knew it wasnt me. I was not the best, but it was Gods anointing on it. They later was ready to announce the winners. 3 of them. 1st 2cond and 3rd place. I never won..
 Was I disappointed ? A little bit. But I had resolved to give it to God and that settled it. Later someone jokingly told me my dress wasn"t short enough.  The judges were men lol. I still got to be a light in a dark world  for 2500 people and a 50 watt radio station that reached to Canada. To God Be The Glory Forever and Ever..... 1  Corinthians 3:21 Therefore let no man glory in men......

Thursday, July 19, 2012

15 Minutes Of Fame Part 1

Psalm 75:6 For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.....But God is the judge who putteth down one nad setteh up another.....
It was a late sunday night back in 2002 , my wife and I was heading back from a service I was holding back in the hills of a little town, cadiz , ohio . Home of a little Clark Gable who would grow up to go to hollywood and be a screen star. Cadiz is probably about 40 minutes from me . We got home around 11:00 pm and I walked over to check the voice mail on the phone. The first message went something like this. Hello, this is wwva radio station calling you concerning our star quest contest. We got some information on you off the internet and wondered if you wanted to be a contestant in our up coming contest. The 1st prize winner will recieve a check for a thousand dollars and get a spot at Jamboree in the hills ? If your intrested please call nbr and ask for ...[ name omitted ] for reasons. Would I call ? Was I intrested ? You gotta be kiddin ! The Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling WV was where every major Singer in country music played and sang . Everyone from Jerry Lee to George Jones ect... sang there at one time or another. Jimmy Swaggart and others have even held their crusades there back in the day.I had only one question to ask of them. Would they let me enter the contest even though I was a Gospel pianoist and Singer ?
To Be Continued.................................

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Open Series Part 3

Genesis 30:22  And God remembered Rachel, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb.

As the story goes Leah ,  Rachel's  sister, one of Jacobs wives was having children and Rachel wasn't able to have any.  To have children , at least in that time , was helping to contribute to Abrahams promise [ I will make you a Father of many nations] . For an Israelite woman not able to have children , was looked upon as something terrible. Rachel let Jacob have his maid as a substitute for her , and the race was on.  Ever settle for substitutes ? Its just not the same or very gratifying is it ? But then God remembered Rachel's prayer and opened her womb.  She gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin.  I have been in situations where if God did not open up the way , it just wasn't going to be open.  It doesn't matter how talented or capable we are in a given area if the door is shut , its shut.
Do you need God to open something in your life today ? A job,  a house , or perhaps something going amiss in a relationship ? God can open up the red sea in your life , and make a way for you to cross over . lord , I ask you to meet every readers need today in Jesus name! God Bless you on your journey .

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Open Series Part 1

I would like to share some things on how God is in the opening business. He opens eyes, mouths, wombs , doors and a myriad of other things.
Genesis 21 : 19... and God Opened her eyes , and she saw a well of water ..
This verse talks of the time Abraham sent Hagar away with his child he had by her, and gave her bread and a bottle of water.  After the water was gone she laid the child down under a shrub and wept.  God opened her eyes and she then saw a well of water.  As the story goes , the child Ishmael , grew up and became the father of the Arab Nation who would and does play a significant role in the end times in Gods Plan , and dealings with the world. I believe many times we , as Gods people , go through very unnecessary things in life , because we need our eyes opened.  I have seen churches need musicians and 2 or 3 would be in their midst without any acknowledgment. Same goes for pastors , singers or in the business world people who can do the job , over looked. The list is endless.The next time we face some serious problems, let us pray that our eyes be opened. The answer is probably right in front of us .  God bless you on your journey !
Psalms 119:18 ... open thou my eyes , that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

15 Minutes Of Fame Part 2

The following morning would be monday. I had been up late thinking . The first thing I had to do was call them and make arrangements and ask them if they would accept me playing and singing gospel music. I knew it was a country music talent contest. I called and they said yes. We heard you over the internet and thats why we called you in the first place. Wow, that was neat hearing that. They gave me some rules to go by filling me in on some things they required. Each singer and or musician could choose to sing with a cd or use the  Jamboree house band. We were to have two songs of our choosing prepared. I chose to use the house band . They were very professional in what they did and I knew it. If we chose the house band to back us up or play with us we were allowed 7 minutes of rehearsal only with them the night of the contest. No exceptions!
The more we talked by phone the more excited it was becoming. Would God be in this  I wonderd ? I prayed about it . Win or lose I wanted Gods anointing on my singing and playing above all else. If I could be a light to the audience and radio waves it would be worth it. It would be mostly a non christian audience and that made me a little nervous. I knew going into this I would have to play by their rules and do things their way to a certain extent. I really wanted to win but I realized I was out of my atmosphere. I would just have to settle it in my heart to give my best, and leave the results with God.
Finally saturday night came and it was time to go. When I got there I found out what I had suspected. I would be the only one out of the 15 contestants doing gospel music.
To Be Continued...........                                  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Your End Will See You Through

Ecclesiasties 7:8  Better is the end of a thing , than the beginning thereof.........
Have you ever heard someone years ago ,  [for example] Learning to play an instrument ,
Sing or beginning anything for that matter ?  Hard on the ears or if your learning carpentry the building might look a little lopsided.  Then years later they became fine musicians or whatever.  The end was better than the beginning.  In todays world we need some thing to place our hope in [ of course our salvation] but I mean something physical. Joseph in the bible was another one who had a dream of being in a ruler ship position and after some prison years later God jockeyed him into that position.  Even Jesus Christ for the joy that was set before him , endured the cross! See Hebrews 12:3 . Proverbs 29:18 States: Where there is no vision , the people perish. We must have something to put our hope in and work on while we pass through this life, to give us meaning , whether its raising a child or being a good Grandparent or a hundred other things. The vision is looking from the beginning and seeing the beauty of the end. The small beginnings lead to big endings. Always keep your end in focus and it will see you through as you keep your eyes on your Lord.
God bless you on your journey !