Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remember When God Did Not Change ?

I was thinking the other day how church used to be and how it is today. [ for the most part] Since I am a musician naturally I think a lot in terms of music. I remember when what we call christian music was called Gospel music. There was only one kind of gospel music. Either it was gospel or it wasnt. Of course today we have all kinds of terms from contemporary christian to chrstian rock. Again, I remember when we called the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost. Someone told me we was to educated to call him the holy ghost. I remember when we used to blush and have shame. That changed also. I see little to no blushing or shame. Jeremiah 6:15 says they lost their blush and shame. I remember when kids were not allowed to get behind pulpits and call themselves preachers and have big positions in the church. But then again the epistles says not to put novices in authority, but its better than having them on the streets right ? I guess if they run your household they might as well run your church , right ? While were at it, I guess its alright to bring the drugs in and party in the church and what have you. I havent met this partying god yet. I Know when disaster hits who I want to pray for me. If necessary I will pray for myself.
I am just to old fashioned to try this new god [ I meant to spell that god without a capital. ] who changes.  I am going to take my chances with the God who does not change . God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. yep  Holy Ghost !
 God bless you , and may you serve the true God if your not !

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