Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who Will Be My Voice Today

I was giving some thought ro the presedential election coming up and pondering on our canidates. I had been reading Jeremiah 8:7 If you dont mind I,ll leave you with the words of a song I a wrote a couple years ago. Please get out and vote  your heart with some prayer and thought. Thank you, God Bless!
Jeremiah 8:7 The stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times...But my people know not the judgment of the Lord!!
Song Lyrics:  Who will be my voice today , in a land of forgotten dreams only yesterday , Who will hear my voice today , and lead my people back home ,and show them the way , Wh will be my voice today , and tell my people I am coming , Im on my way.
I drove around the country today , I saw a man holding a sign that said , are ya going my way , I said hop in brother isn,t this a lovely day . He looked kinda strange and then he said, he was touring the land , a land of forgotten dreams only yesterday, Then he said ,"Who will hear my voice today !..
As a result I wrote this song for such a time as this !

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