Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where Are you Going ?

Luke 22:42....not my will but thy will be done....

Ever Struggled to achieve something and still find yourself in the same place years later ?
Yesterday , I was thinking most of the day about that , as I was driving thru beautiful Utah. What direction in life ,  had I really wanted to go . The dreams  and ambitions I had, never turned out the way I thought they would. Sometimes our whole believing system need's reevaluated. Not our belief in our salvation , but our dreams and ambitions in what we want . Does God want the same thing we want ? I think looking back , I tried to force things and then want God to bless it. In conclusion ,  We are where we are , because we are supposed to be. [ providing we are believers and seeking God for direction ]  When we walk by faith  , we must let faith be our guide. Its our responsibility to just simply yield to our heavenly Father and let him take us where he wills. We will find later on in life, that is where we wanted to be all along. Not my will but thy will be done!
God Bless you on your journey !

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