Saturday, May 26, 2012

When Negative Is Positive

I am not an electrician nor claim to be , but I have enough sense to know wires need grounded and cars need batteries. When the negative cable is not hooked up properly you will not  be going anywhere. Unfortunately, we live in an ostich society that likes to bury our heads in the sand . In my surroundings or travels I run in to this frequently. If you say something negative , they will drop you like a hot potato . It makes one want to scream
G.E.T. your head out of the sand , Reality is out here among the living ! When 911 happened I was on my way home from a factory job. The first thing I did was turn the television on a christian channel. I wanted to hear what they had to say. They were playing reruns. Our leaders should have something to say because Amos 3:7 says : Surely the Lord God will do nothing , but he revealeth his secrets unto his servents the prophets.  I had to ask myself ,Where were they  when faced with a real crisis ? If I read the word right , it reveals that our God specializes in turning negatives into positives. Josephs life was certainly negative , but we find him ending up ruling a nation. David ended up being a king and many other such examples. Neighbor, if your hiding in the sand , get up and go in victory , for our God turns negatives into positives !
God Bless!

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