Friday, May 11, 2012

Sleep With My Maid

Genesis 16:2 ..... Go in unto my maid ......

I have seen this principle at work many times in my time here on this planet. We are always trying to give God help answering our prayers. The results are usually destructive
or at the least uncomfortable when it bears fruit. If you have read that story of Abraham then you know how his wife Sarah could not bear children ,  and gave her maid  Hagar to Abraham to have a child for her. God had specifically promised them he would give them a child , and it seems impatience had won over the promise , and the world is paying for it today. The battle has been raging ever since for that little piece of real estate in Jerusalem between Abrahams seed and Ishmaels seed , and wont be settled until after the battle of Armagedden.  If you believe that! [ I happen to believe it,  for the bible says that! ] My point is this! Any time we plant the seed of God into the womb of the world , We are going to have problems , and
we usually do that because of our impatience with God. Give it to me yesterday or asap. is our motto. When we think God has not moved fast enough, we figure out plan B. Our own. I want to affirm, that I have tried my way many times and it hasn't worked yet. If God has promised you something in your life , He will come thru for you . Remember , Gods time table is definitley different than ours, But its always better . Now hold fast the profession of your faith my friends . Your answers is closer than you think.  God bless you on your journey !

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  1. God bless you and your family too Bobby!!!