Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mothers Day Mothers

Please mommy, can I go ? Please mommy, can I have that ? Where did that come from mommy ? I am 53 yrs old now and mothers in heaven, but I can still remember those kind of questions . I dont care how macho a man thinks he is , theres nothing like a mother. A woman is one of the most beautiful creatures God ever created. A woman can be a mother , whether its a biological child or adopted, its just in her make up.I remember my wife having our first child.What a wonderful thing to see how nature teaches a woman to be a mother. My mother was a Godly woman instilling christian values in us siblyings. You cannot put a value on that principle .A mother is the most powerful influence a child will ever have growing up , and any mother reading this, if you dont instill christian principles in your children, please start doing it. If you dont, they will not have any prefrence point to go back on , when they are older. I will leave you with a song, My Grandson helped me sing [ or rather I helped him lol ] He wanted to do a song for his mother , so we made this for her. Its an old song but he made it his own for his mother          .

Proverbs 31:30 ......a woman that feareth the Lord, She shall be praised !!!

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