Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is This Really A Shortcut ?

I can,t tell you how many times Ive been deceived by shortcuts. I transport big trucks across the united states and time is of the essence. Theres always a schedule to follow or the gates will close and you will not meet your deadline or something or the other putting a rush on things. A four wheeler [ a term used for cars ] can make 8 green lights , while you are shifting gears making two if your lucky. When the day is over, you lost 2 hours .
Naturally when I think I can take a shortcut I am game, usually regretting it, telling myself , that will never happen again, but it does. I noticed we have a propensity to do that in our christian walk . A shorter way to get our prayers answered or a myriad of other things relative to it. God doesn, t seem to pay attention to shortcuts. When we finally succumb to doing things the way he so ordered them , it finally works. In the long haul , his ways are always better. God Bless you and keep you in his way !!

Isaiah 55:9 ....So are my ways higher than your than your ways.....                                            


  1. Yes, I believe so, there is no shortcut to
    christian living (like prayer shortcuts). We really have to spend quality time to God, our Father because His ways are higher than ours. God bless us Bobby!