Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hell Has Lost Its Fury

I was thinking about some of the changes going on , from When I was growing up and whats going on now. Its amazing how different things are. Our world system gravitates, as it were, in the opposite way as our creator has designed it, ever since Genesis 3:17. example:
Try doing something you feel is right and your going to have a battle getting it done. Nothing worth while is easy unless you were born with the siver spoon in your mouth , and even then, you will someday have to make some decisions for your self about whats right or whats wrong. I remember when I was growing up, Hell was a place to try and escape from. Today its relegated to a simple curse word. Even our so called respected news reporters use it on CNN  and so on.We used to sneak around to do our shameful deeds. Today, just do it ,  no problem. The same people that rebuked me for sinning when I was young , I now have to stand in line to pay for my gasoline, while they are holding up lines buying lottery. Hummmm! Porn is at our fingertips , and if you have the money, lay it down and you can get anything you want, I dont think theres a whole lot to fear about whos gonna yell at ya!  The choice of right and wrong has been made easy today ladies and gentleman . No more sneaking or hiding , Hell has lost her fury.
Make the right choice and go forth in victory. God bless!

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