Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

As we went to put flowers on our childs grave today, a flood on memories came to me. We walked around visiting other loved ones grave sites , that went on home to be with the Lord. As I stopped by my Grandparents grave, I thanked God how their life had so touched me. They had been us kids ride to church for many years. My brother and I would ride in the little cubby hole in the back of the volkswagon , until we out grew that. Little did I know my foundation for a future life was being developed. As I looked out at the many graves , I was beginning to get a homesick feeling for heaven , and had the thoughts of our future reunion . I am so glad that Christ took the fear and sting out of death , and we can look forward to leaving this sin sick world behind someday . May God comfort and bless you abundantly this memorial holiday !

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