Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get The Prize

Everyone Likes Prizes. Game Shows are getting rich from rewarding folks who win the prize.
I woke up this morning , thinking about the most important prize there is. The prize of the high calling!Our growth and spiritual well being depend on getting that prize.
What comes with it tho is a cross to bear.No cross is fun, They arent meant to be.They come in many different forms.Addictions, failed dreams and yes , even hate.Theres always that one person in your life ,
thats temptimg to hate. Or someone close to you has that problem.Thay just seem to know when to show up and steal your joy ect. Until we can nail the weights that so easily beset us , to the cross and let them die, our heavenly Father will all them to continue in our Life. We must keep our eyes on the prize and and not the weights. You were born for Greatness, So go for the prize!

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