Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fig Tree Redefined


 Matt. 21:18, 19  Let no fruit grow on thee from this time forward for ever more.....................

When you sometimes drive 650 to 700 miles a day, you have a few minutes to give life a thought , depending on traffic that is .The other day I was going through Dallas , thinking about Adam and Eve's first wardrobe." Fig leaves" That would probably go down big in todays fashion clothes line. Wow, God can use anything to teach us.  Christ used the fig tree 4000 yrs. later to make some points in his teachings.  When he found no fruit on it , He cursed it from the roots up. A very serious indictment on the tree. Seldom will you find Christ cursing things. He was usually going about blessing things. The word says he was hungry when this happened.  He lived a fasted life , so we know it was more than just physical hunger that made him curse it. It was the representation of rituals and traditions that he saw it for. We humans get caught up in these, and try to cover our sins with them , and it simply will not work.                                                                                                                                        
 I was talking with a fellow the other day asking him about his salvation , and he told me he got baptized when he was a child and that's all he needed. That's not what the word teaches. There's only one way, and faith in the finished work of Christ is that way. Its amazing  what extremes we humans go to, to ignore the true way. We have a propensity to set our own rules and our own way of obtaining salvation !  If there's no fruit in what were doing , It would seem like we need to evaluate the reason.  It might mean we need to get connected to the true vine, and get some life flowing into our situation.  I think I will change my wardrobe. I look like a dork when I try to wear these fig leaves!! 

 God bless you on your journey !

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