Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sleep On It

I found that , when making decisions when I am exhausted, usually ends up wrong , based on the fact of getting it over with . Also based on emotions and excited about an important decision is really the one that can overtake you , only later to regret it. A couple of our presidents
said they never made important decisions until they slept on it. We find in the bible, Joseph had about 13 years in a prison he didn,t deserve to think on lifes decisions,  and king David had about 10 years running from a jealous king saul to give life some serious thought. I know most of us dont have to wait that long , but life changing decisions cant be made in an instant! The word also tells us them little foxes come unnoticed and spoil the vines , so little decisions can ensnare us if we are not careful . Next time your facing some decisions Sleep On It!

Luke14:30 Saying, This man began to build, and was not able to finish!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

As we went to put flowers on our childs grave today, a flood on memories came to me. We walked around visiting other loved ones grave sites , that went on home to be with the Lord. As I stopped by my Grandparents grave, I thanked God how their life had so touched me. They had been us kids ride to church for many years. My brother and I would ride in the little cubby hole in the back of the volkswagon , until we out grew that. Little did I know my foundation for a future life was being developed. As I looked out at the many graves , I was beginning to get a homesick feeling for heaven , and had the thoughts of our future reunion . I am so glad that Christ took the fear and sting out of death , and we can look forward to leaving this sin sick world behind someday . May God comfort and bless you abundantly this memorial holiday !  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE2nLdH_xBc

Saturday, May 26, 2012

When Negative Is Positive

I am not an electrician nor claim to be , but I have enough sense to know wires need grounded and cars need batteries. When the negative cable is not hooked up properly you will not  be going anywhere. Unfortunately, we live in an ostich society that likes to bury our heads in the sand . In my surroundings or travels I run in to this frequently. If you say something negative , they will drop you like a hot potato . It makes one want to scream
G.E.T. your head out of the sand , Reality is out here among the living ! When 911 happened I was on my way home from a factory job. The first thing I did was turn the television on a christian channel. I wanted to hear what they had to say. They were playing reruns. Our leaders should have something to say because Amos 3:7 says : Surely the Lord God will do nothing , but he revealeth his secrets unto his servents the prophets.  I had to ask myself ,Where were they  when faced with a real crisis ? If I read the word right , it reveals that our God specializes in turning negatives into positives. Josephs life was certainly negative , but we find him ending up ruling a nation. David ended up being a king and many other such examples. Neighbor, if your hiding in the sand , get up and go in victory , for our God turns negatives into positives !
God Bless!

Hell Has Lost Its Fury

I was thinking about some of the changes going on , from When I was growing up and whats going on now. Its amazing how different things are. Our world system gravitates, as it were, in the opposite way as our creator has designed it, ever since Genesis 3:17. example:
Try doing something you feel is right and your going to have a battle getting it done. Nothing worth while is easy unless you were born with the siver spoon in your mouth , and even then, you will someday have to make some decisions for your self about whats right or whats wrong. I remember when I was growing up, Hell was a place to try and escape from. Today its relegated to a simple curse word. Even our so called respected news reporters use it on CNN  and so on.We used to sneak around to do our shameful deeds. Today, just do it ,  no problem. The same people that rebuked me for sinning when I was young , I now have to stand in line to pay for my gasoline, while they are holding up lines buying lottery. Hummmm! Porn is at our fingertips , and if you have the money, lay it down and you can get anything you want, I dont think theres a whole lot to fear about whos gonna yell at ya!  The choice of right and wrong has been made easy today ladies and gentleman . No more sneaking or hiding , Hell has lost her fury.
Make the right choice and go forth in victory. God bless!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weighed In The Balance

The other day I ran into a situation that seems to always come up somewhere in our lifes business. The need for balance. We humans always start out facing lifes challenges the right way , and before long , we begin to veer to the right to much or to the left. To much of one thing isn,t good for a nation, family, or an individual. Freedom without restraints soon turns into bondage. I received some advice from a preacher friend years ago, when I was having a christian concert and then I was to speak afterwards. He said: do not give them all the milk your cow gives the first night or they wont be back for more . That was good advice . Speaking from a christian veiw , to much spirit can develope into emotionalism , while to much law can create dead religion. The principle applys to almost anything except our relationship to our heavenly Father. A well balanced life makes for a successful life. May God grant you wisdom and grace to live a balanced life!

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He hath made everything beautiful in his time:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is This Really A Shortcut ?

I can,t tell you how many times Ive been deceived by shortcuts. I transport big trucks across the united states and time is of the essence. Theres always a schedule to follow or the gates will close and you will not meet your deadline or something or the other putting a rush on things. A four wheeler [ a term used for cars ] can make 8 green lights , while you are shifting gears making two if your lucky. When the day is over, you lost 2 hours .
Naturally when I think I can take a shortcut I am game, usually regretting it, telling myself , that will never happen again, but it does. I noticed we have a propensity to do that in our christian walk . A shorter way to get our prayers answered or a myriad of other things relative to it. God doesn, t seem to pay attention to shortcuts. When we finally succumb to doing things the way he so ordered them , it finally works. In the long haul , his ways are always better. God Bless you and keep you in his way !!

Isaiah 55:9 ....So are my ways higher than your than your ways.....                                            

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dreams That Never Were

Jeremiah 29:11 I know the plans I have for you , plans to prosper you and give you a future ...

Ever had your life planned only to find years later , it never turned out the way you planned ?  I was always a dreamer as it were , when I started teaching myself to play piano.,  and I was going to do big things with my music. My dreams kept me going . As I progressed in my music ,  times were changing constantly and so was the" styles of music".  I hadn't planned on that one.  By the time I felt  I could actually be confident and begin to make a mark in the music world , everything  had changed.                                                                                         They used to call my music rock and roll in the church world , and wouldn't let me play the style I had developed.  As years went by they wouldn't let me play because it was to old fashioned . We can spend a lifetime chasing after something that will never be. There has to come a point when we realize , "hey this isn't working", and let go.  I had always thought I was seeking Gods leading in my pursuits , but found I probably wanted my way more than his. Dreams of what we do with our talents and gifts are wonderful as long as we let God be at the head of them. To many times we plan something and ask God to bless it, when we should see what he planned , and then it will be blessed. May you be blessed as you pursue his dreams for your life !

God bless you on your journey !

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who Will Be My Voice Today

I was giving some thought ro the presedential election coming up and pondering on our canidates. I had been reading Jeremiah 8:7 If you dont mind I,ll leave you with the words of a song I a wrote a couple years ago. Please get out and vote  your heart with some prayer and thought. Thank you, God Bless!
Jeremiah 8:7 The stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times...But my people know not the judgment of the Lord!!
Song Lyrics:  Who will be my voice today , in a land of forgotten dreams only yesterday , Who will hear my voice today , and lead my people back home ,and show them the way , Wh will be my voice today , and tell my people I am coming , Im on my way.
I drove around the country today , I saw a man holding a sign that said , are ya going my way , I said hop in brother isn,t this a lovely day . He looked kinda strange and then he said, he was touring the land , a land of forgotten dreams only yesterday, Then he said ,"Who will hear my voice today !..
As a result I wrote this song for such a time as this !

Friday, May 18, 2012

Are You Home Sick?

Matt: 11:28 .. Come unto me all you that are heavy laden ...

Ever have that home sick feeling , and you are already home? You are probably being paged by your heavenly Father. More than likely that's his Spirit wooing you to come into his presence.  When I accepted Christ as a young boy, I remember having that feeling, even when I was home or had no reason to have it. As a child it can make one uncomfortable, and even sick , if one has it bad enough. It can effect your eating and other activities as well. If your home life was good or not so good, I believe it effects all of us at one stage or another to be home sick. I finally perceived it was my Lord calling me to pray. Many times out of ignorance, we will try and fill that feeling with things, activities, and even company, passing it off as loneliness. In the day we live in, we simply feel we do not have time to "go pray". Next time you get that homesick feeling and do not see a reason for it, go talk to your heavenly Father. He really wants to hear from you. The answers we seek are a prayer away
God bless you on your journey !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fig Tree Redefined


 Matt. 21:18, 19  Let no fruit grow on thee from this time forward for ever more.....................

When you sometimes drive 650 to 700 miles a day, you have a few minutes to give life a thought , depending on traffic that is .The other day I was going through Dallas , thinking about Adam and Eve's first wardrobe." Fig leaves" That would probably go down big in todays fashion clothes line. Wow, God can use anything to teach us.  Christ used the fig tree 4000 yrs. later to make some points in his teachings.  When he found no fruit on it , He cursed it from the roots up. A very serious indictment on the tree. Seldom will you find Christ cursing things. He was usually going about blessing things. The word says he was hungry when this happened.  He lived a fasted life , so we know it was more than just physical hunger that made him curse it. It was the representation of rituals and traditions that he saw it for. We humans get caught up in these, and try to cover our sins with them , and it simply will not work.                                                                                                                                        
 I was talking with a fellow the other day asking him about his salvation , and he told me he got baptized when he was a child and that's all he needed. That's not what the word teaches. There's only one way, and faith in the finished work of Christ is that way. Its amazing  what extremes we humans go to, to ignore the true way. We have a propensity to set our own rules and our own way of obtaining salvation !  If there's no fruit in what were doing , It would seem like we need to evaluate the reason.  It might mean we need to get connected to the true vine, and get some life flowing into our situation.  I think I will change my wardrobe. I look like a dork when I try to wear these fig leaves!! 

 God bless you on your journey !  


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Instant Messenger religion ?

Psalms 37:34   Wait on the Lord and Keep His Way and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land.

There are seasons in our life when we have to wait on the Lord for answers.  I believe that they are transition periods, that God takes you through for various reasons.  Its a time when we can seemly pray , fast , kick or scream and it doesn't seem to get Gods attention. We have his attention, but we don't think we do.  We are in a time that we want things" ASAP " or yesterday as it were. It's not fun to wait.  If we were honest we want an instant messenger religion. That brings me to King David,  before he was King.   He was a sheep herder, musician, Giant Slayer and more added to his accolades.  But right before he was made King , He was hunted for several years like a wild animal , by a jealous King Saul . David had to much respect for" King Saul" to just kill him , so he ran.  It was during this time that God was molding him to be the future King of Israel.  No amount of praying, fasting, kicking or screaming, would hurry the process.  Eventually, he was put into his Kingship, in God's timing.                                                      If you are a "believer" that God has put something in your heart to do for him , you will inevitably have your transition period time. The easiest thing you can do is just submit to God , and let him "prepare you" , for the real reason  , you were put on this earth to do.  He makes everything beautiful in his timing .   May you draw ever so closer to the lord Jesus Christ .

God bless you on your journey 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Safe Guard Your Heart

Proverbs 18:10 ....The Name Of The Lord Is A Strong Tower ; the righteous run into it and is safe . 

At the risk of sounding dramatic, I have been giving a lot of thought lately to
the two kinds of churches in the land today. The true church verses The counterfeit church. According to revelations , the spirit of the false prophet will arise , and give the counterfeit church great power, to deceive the very elect if possible.                                                                                           Sometimes I am not sure if folks are so much deceived, as they simply do not know what to do, or how to handle it, so they just keep quiet and go with the flow. What  my biggest shock element is , the number of folks who buy into it ! The true church , contrary to popular belief , would diminish in popularity. I said popularity , not power !                          
 My job takes me in all 48 states and  I find it the same in all of them.  Paul the apostle said , there are many voices in the land today and we must be diligent to hear the true voice. Our safe guard is found in 1 Corinthians  2:14  You have Gods Spirit in you and anything contrary to it , will not bear witness to your spirit. That little warning you get  when you hear a lie , is not just you daydreaming. That is your safeguard that's not bearing witness to the truth.  In other words,  If you keep your heart clean , its impossible to be lied to , for your spirit will not accept it.  Safeguard your hearts and go forth  in victory the way God Meant for you !

 God bless you on your journey !

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Waiting on The Whistle To Blow

As time permits I like to catch an NBA game , and of course the play offs are usually when they play the hardest , so I especially like to watch then. One thing always sticks out in these NBA games , I get a kick out of is , when the players gets knocked down and lay there waiting for the ref to blow the whistle in hopes of getting a free foul shot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. You really dont know if there hurt til they get up , only to find most of the time they were faking.When the games about over they start running back and forth even faster. Last night , the team I was rooting for was getting close to the end , and one of the players pulled that falling down bit, and I yelled, get up, your waiting for a whistle that aint gonna blow. Alot of us folks are like that in our spiritual walk. We get knocked down and lay there waiting for God to blow the whistle, and He doesnt blow it every time. God see,s through our act and says get up, the game of life is passing you by. The game of life is tough most of the time and your gonna get knocked down , But get back up. The players are taking the ball down the court for a score. You can make it if you go in Christ's Strength.
Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sleep With My Maid

Genesis 16:2 ..... Go in unto my maid ......

I have seen this principle at work many times in my time here on this planet. We are always trying to give God help answering our prayers. The results are usually destructive
or at the least uncomfortable when it bears fruit. If you have read that story of Abraham then you know how his wife Sarah could not bear children ,  and gave her maid  Hagar to Abraham to have a child for her. God had specifically promised them he would give them a child , and it seems impatience had won over the promise , and the world is paying for it today. The battle has been raging ever since for that little piece of real estate in Jerusalem between Abrahams seed and Ishmaels seed , and wont be settled until after the battle of Armagedden.  If you believe that! [ I happen to believe it,  for the bible says that! ] My point is this! Any time we plant the seed of God into the womb of the world , We are going to have problems , and
we usually do that because of our impatience with God. Give it to me yesterday or asap. is our motto. When we think God has not moved fast enough, we figure out plan B. Our own. I want to affirm, that I have tried my way many times and it hasn't worked yet. If God has promised you something in your life , He will come thru for you . Remember , Gods time table is definitley different than ours, But its always better . Now hold fast the profession of your faith my friends . Your answers is closer than you think.  God bless you on your journey !

Happy Mothers Day Mothers

Please mommy, can I go ? Please mommy, can I have that ? Where did that come from mommy ? I am 53 yrs old now and mothers in heaven, but I can still remember those kind of questions . I dont care how macho a man thinks he is , theres nothing like a mother. A woman is one of the most beautiful creatures God ever created. A woman can be a mother , whether its a biological child or adopted, its just in her make up.I remember my wife having our first child.What a wonderful thing to see how nature teaches a woman to be a mother. My mother was a Godly woman instilling christian values in us siblyings. You cannot put a value on that principle .A mother is the most powerful influence a child will ever have growing up , and any mother reading this, if you dont instill christian principles in your children, please start doing it. If you dont, they will not have any prefrence point to go back on , when they are older. I will leave you with a song, My Grandson helped me sing [ or rather I helped him lol ] He wanted to do a song for his mother , so we made this for her. Its an old song but he made it his own for his mother         

Proverbs 31:30 ......a woman that Feareth the Lord, She shall be praised !!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Facing Potiphars Wife

Genesis 41:40.... according unto thy word , shall my people be ruled !

God has a plan for every person that come's into this world .

   Whatever path we choose  , good or bad, will be woven into the fabric of his plan. If you choose life, then you are destined to the palace of Gods choosing! There are also people sent into your life to try and stop you from arriving at the palace. Remember Joseph? A beautiful story, in your bible in Genesis!  Now Potiphars wife was so little thought of, the Holy Spirit never even recognized her name. She can come to you in many forms. Her mind set is to stop you from arriving at Gods destiny for you ! You  can dwell with her in the same surroundings for a while, until she starts coercing you to have intimate relations with her. If we say no [ hopefully we will ] enough times , she will eventually have us kicked out of her company. The good part , is if she has us kicked out of her house, then we will not have to contend with her again. God will then have us prepared for the next step in his beautiful plan for our lives.

God bless you on your journey !



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get The Prize

Everyone Likes Prizes. Game Shows are getting rich from rewarding folks who win the prize.
I woke up this morning , thinking about the most important prize there is. The prize of the high calling!Our growth and spiritual well being depend on getting that prize.
What comes with it tho is a cross to bear.No cross is fun, They arent meant to be.They come in many different forms.Addictions, failed dreams and yes , even hate.Theres always that one person in your life ,
thats temptimg to hate. Or someone close to you has that problem.Thay just seem to know when to show up and steal your joy ect. Until we can nail the weights that so easily beset us , to the cross and let them die, our heavenly Father will all them to continue in our Life. We must keep our eyes on the prize and and not the weights. You were born for Greatness, So go for the prize!

Don't Stone The Dog?

Matthew 25:35 ...for I was hungry and you gave me food...

While  growing up we
 lived in the country. From time to time a stray dog would find his way to the house.
I would find some scraps , feed him , and stone him to go back where he came from.  [Little tiny stones of course! ]
Eventually he would come back. After a few  times of that , Mother would let me keep it , knowing it wasn't getting fed properly. People are sometimes like that . They  will go where they will get fed . Some times , whether its a Church or individual , Strays are sent into our lives,  from God or the enemy. We must discern of  course and act accordingly. If God Is sending them, We are free to feed them and keep them in our lives.
Proverbs 27:7 To the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet!

God Bless you on your journey !

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where Are you Going ?

Luke 22:42....not my will but thy will be done....

Ever Struggled to achieve something and still find yourself in the same place years later ?
Yesterday , I was thinking most of the day about that , as I was driving thru beautiful Utah. What direction in life ,  had I really wanted to go . The dreams  and ambitions I had, never turned out the way I thought they would. Sometimes our whole believing system need's reevaluated. Not our belief in our salvation , but our dreams and ambitions in what we want . Does God want the same thing we want ? I think looking back , I tried to force things and then want God to bless it. In conclusion ,  We are where we are , because we are supposed to be. [ providing we are believers and seeking God for direction ]  When we walk by faith  , we must let faith be our guide. Its our responsibility to just simply yield to our heavenly Father and let him take us where he wills. We will find later on in life, that is where we wanted to be all along. Not my will but thy will be done!
God Bless you on your journey !

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Voice Inside The Voice

Genesis 27:22...The voice is Ja'cob's voice, but the hands are the hands of E'sau..

The Foolish Hear The Thunder: The Wise Hear The Voice In The Thunder !
There are many voices in the land today. If we want to really hear the truth about our every day situations , we must sharpen our perception to hear the real voice. Many times our heavenly Father is speaking to us and the many voices are drowning him out. Gods voice is heard in "quiet much more than in noise.  Had  I'saac  trusted his hearing, he would of knew it was Jacob deceiving him. Eccl. 5:1.. It take's time and prayer to shut out all the noise of the world , but it is the only way to sure victory.
God bless you on your journey !